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Goat Leather Cover for MD Notebook


We always want to treasure our notebooks, which we have written points to remember, their flashes of inspiration and cherished memories. These covers will protect your notebook without detracting from its character: simple and subtle.

The leather used for the goat leather is sourced from the highlands in the Central Asian mountains. Smooth and flexible, light and extremely robust, a single layer is used to fit your notebook snugly. The leather is undyed for a simple look, and the unique character of each piece shines through on the inside of the cover.

A pen holder is atttached to the inside of the cover, right at the dege so that doesn't create a bump when you write. To inser a pen, simply pull up the holder and slide it in.

With a natural texture and a sense of purity that enhance the comfort of using the MD Notebook, this cover would be a perfect suite for your precious notebook.

Tanned leather gives you the added enjoyment of watching the cover of this leather bag will change in character over time. Enveloping your MD Notebook, this bag cover will change to an amber color, gaining depth and character together with the stories you fill it with. This leather bag is one that you can nurture over the course of many years.


Size (when open): 

A6 - H160×W235mm

B6 Slim - H185×W225mm

A5- H222×W320mm

Materials: Goat leather