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一隅有花 yiyuflorist

Gentle Plants Calendar 2024 植物溫柔曆

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Yiyu Florist Calendar 2024

Gentle 溫柔 | 做一個溫柔的人,一起溫柔地老去

Be a gentle person, and then age gently.


溫柔地陪伴你 2024 的每一天。

"Gentle" is the title of this beautiful desk calendar, which accompanies the user through the year with the concept about "embrace gentleness with the inevitability of withering". 

Last year, this elegant calendar captured the beauty of plants though the lens of photography. This year, hand-drawn illustration was chosen to portray the gentleness felt from every plants. A selection of 366+ artistic illustration of different types of plants, each day with crafted illustration of a plant and heart-warming words.

Each day, you may find the beauty in nature that offer you a daily dose of warmth and tenderness throughout the entirety of 2024.



We will eventually grow old,
becoming verses in memories.

Struggling all the way,
we are inevitably wounded by the world.

Living gently,
only then can we embrace this world,
scattered and battered,

and our own scarred and battered ourselves.


Be a gentle person, 
and then age gently.




Hand-drawn illustrations delicately trace the gentle contours of plants, inviting you to explore a new botanical beauty each day.



Crafted illustration on clean background against a white background, the focus is on the visually beautiful plants. In addition to indicating the date, the calendar contains the corresponding scientific and Chinese names of the plant as well as reminder of public holiday for each day. Each day also offers plenty of room for annotations and reminders on its appealing yet unobtrusive pages. 


Each month starts with a silhouette of a vase – 12 unique vases that carry the anticipation of the upcoming months.


The calendar can also transform into a creative canvas
Add a personal touch each month by affixing a floral masterpiece of your own.
It's not just a calendar; it's a warm collection of moments waiting to be crafted.


The calendar is bind with German linen cloth glue-binding, can be neatly torn off.


This calendar comes with an enduring strength of paper board as the stand of the calendar, the unique texture ensures that the calendar pages stand strong and resilient throughout the coming year.


This calendar can be displayed and collected, each comes with a designed storage box and cardboard stand to hold the calendar.   

A celebration of life with combinations of plants and words. It would make a perfect gift or for personal use. This would be one of the best calendars that is worth sharing for the year of 2024.


About 一隅有花 yiyuflorist

yiyuflorist is an online florist in Taiwan that delivers beautiful flowers through dedicated subscription services. They believe plants are same as music, comforting us in the most gentle way and have their own beauty in every stage, including blooming and withering. Yiyuflorist hopes that everyone could find happiness through flowers, hoping that you and I could spark ourselves in every stage of life, just like the plants.


“Bloom Where You're Planted.” 在你所在之處綻放
This is what yiyuflorist wish to tell you. 



Size: 16.5 x 11 cm

Material: Uncoated Woodfree Paper

A Project by 一隅有花 yiyuflorist

Made in Taiwan