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Sparking Moment

From Dawn to Dusk Rubber Stamp Set


From dawn to dusk.
Sunrise & Sunset.

日出而作,日落而息 explains work when the sun rises and rest when the sun sets. Originally refers to the ancient people's lifestyle, now refers to simple and ordinary life.

Could be used for documenting the day where you able to work and rest on time or when you have a simple daily routines for the day.

Also great for adding personal touches and creative accents to your journal pages, outgoing mail/parcel, art projects, scrapbooks, gift cards or many other occasions. The possibilities are endless. You could also pair it with other tapes, stickers, glitters or paper embellishments for enhanced appeal. 

We hope this unique creation will add some sparks in your everyday life.



Content: 2 rubber stamps per set

Size: 15x50x24mm

Designed by Sparking Moment