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Freckles Tea

Freckles Tea Dateless Calendar


Discover the beauty of nature through these pages of calendar by  Freckles Tea. Printed on 170g high-sensitivity papers, this calendar features 31 pages, each dedicated to a single day. The spacious layout allows for convenient note-taking and scheduling. On the right side of each page, you'll find sections to mark the month and week, aiding in easy organization.

Complete with its stand, this calendar can be elegantly displayed on your desk, reminding you of the passing days. The unique ant-line design makes it simple to detach and incorporate the pages into your journal or planner, ensuring your memories and plans are beautifully preserved.

about Freckles Tea

Original stationery designs by China-based illustrator Lulu, Freckles Tea captures a sense of tranquility and introspection in its art. Lulu has captured the beauty of floral and plant watercolour paintings and brings these exquisite designs into visually stunning journals. Her artwork are often depicted delicate subtle tone, and create a serene and tranquil atmosphere. 

Size: 16x18.5cm

Content: 31 pieces + 1 cover page

Designed by Freckles Tea