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SOM Studio

Flower Shadow Rubber Stamp Series


While staying at home or work from home, what do you see from your window? While lying on your bed, what do you see before falling asleep? While mind-blanking in front of your laptop, what do you see on your desk from your blurry vision?

It's a part of the flower pattern on my wallpaper in my bedroom - what I usually see from my bed; It's the flowers from my mother and I put them in a random glass jar on my working table; It's a branch of the tree I usually able to see from my dining table, a leaf was hanging there...

Inspired by the views we usually see while staying indoor, they might be places or corners where you have your daily routines, but those little things might brighten  your days or moods.

Each design of these rubber stamps might hold a different unique story (or stories) for each of us. They would be great for expressing your moments (moods, emotions or feelings) while adding lovely accents to your pages. You could also use them along with your other stamp collection, stickers or handwriting notes.




(dandelion; flower in the jar; flower field) 3x2x2cm

(growing on the rock) 4.5x2x2cm

(hang on there) 3x3.5x2cm

Designed by SOM Studio

Made in Malaysia