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Flat Pouch - Pomegranates and Windflowers


Pouch | Pomegranates and Windflowers  石榴与银莲花

In Greek mythology, Adonis is the god of permanent renewal, fertility, and beauty. Along with Adonis, his myth includes his love story Astarte, the goddess of love and beauty who also known as Venus.


This flat pouch combines beautiful motif and prints on the centre of the slim pouch with the antique vintage-toned and has a zipped compartment. Featuring a hook detail on the back for easy portability, also allows you to add a wrist strap.

A great alternative to bulky wallets, this slim pouch will fit easily into a mini bag and a zipped compartment so you can carry cards, coins, mask or small accessories.



Materials: PU

Size: Approx. 170x125mm

Designed by Ribbon Works