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Finger Emoji Expression Rubber Stamp



Over the years, emoticons or emojis have integrated to our daily conversations and became a way for us to express our thoughts or emotions. They play a role in conveying ourselves in the absence of spoken conversation or written words. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

This rubber stamp features 12 types of finger emojis that would be great for expressing your daily activities, moods, emotions or any feelings to suit your needs. It might be increase the precision of your mood of the day too. You could also use this rubber stamp for adding decorative accent on your pages or outgoings.

Whether it’s a thumb-up finger emoji to indicate that you had a nice meal or some good things happened, a raising hand and clapping hand emojis to represent a celebration, a okay finger emoji to mark a complete task, using a strong arm with bicep emoji to cheer up yourself, or a punch hand emoji to depict angriness... We hope this rubber stamp would sparks your daily life and journaling experience.

Each piece of rubber stamps is assembled by hand with care and attention to details.



Wood Size: 5x3cm

Designed by

SOM Studio

Made in Malaysia