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Classiky x Toranekobonbon Paper Napkin - Cat


These charming paper napkins feature humorous cat illustrations designed by Naoshiko Nakanishi, the chef and organizer of the traveling restaurant Toranekobonbon.

With whimsical illustrations of cats and dogs, they add a delightful touch to small gatherings, picnics, and more. The designs on these paper napkins are made using water-based ink, safe for direct contact with food. These napkins are also great for art decorating, gift wrapping, journal decorating and more. 

Please kindly avoid exposure to direct sunlight as the colours might tend to fade in direct sunlight.


Toranekobonbon 中西直子

After the 2011 Japan earthquake and tsunami, Japanese artist Torabekobonbon began sharing a daily hand-drawn animal on their blog. These drawings appear on various surfaces, including ephemeral papers, used receipts, regular papers, and even magazine pages. Accompanying each animal drawing is a bit of text and some thoughts. Interestingly, each of the artist's animal drawings symbolises a facet of the human experience.


Size: 5cm x 20m

Designed by Classiky x Toranekobonbon

Made in Japan