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Classiky x Mihoko Seki Chromos Water-Activated Seals


Beautiful seals designed by Seki Mihoko and printed by the chromolithographic process. It is a method for making multi-colour prints and it simulates the textures and richness of colour very well. The process of printing from a flat surface treated so as to repel the ink except where it is required for printing. Chromo in Europe in the late 19th century was pasted with glue, whereas these beautifully printed seals with gloss surface work as water-activated seals. This is something different from what the designer, Seki Mihoko usually did. The richness of colours of these seals, makes it great for decorating your journal, gifts, message cards, and letters or any artworks.



Size: 17.8×25.4cm

Designed by Classiky x Seki Mihoko

Made in Japan