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Classiky x Seiko Okada Letterpress Cards


We always adore the art of letterpress printing products. Whether as a message card or gift card, these beautifully printed letterpress cards are great choices with their simplicity and quality design became expressions of visual elegance. These letterpress cards would make your message extra special.

They are printed with only simple design of a frame, which make them simple but yet classy. You could decorate your card by including different craft materials inside or outside the frame that printed on the card.

Available in 10pcs per pack, 2 designs (5pcs each design) per pack.


Content: 10 pieces; 5pcs per design

Size: A - 9×5.5cm, B - 9x5.5cm; C - 8.5x8.5cm

Designed by Classiky x Seiko Okada

Made in Japan