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Classiky x kata kata Orang Utan Ceramic Dish


Asia’s only great ape, the orang-utan or ‘man of the forest’ is found only on the islands of Borneo (including Malaysia states of Sabah & Sarawak) and Sumatra.  Much of their prime habitat has been converted to plantations and the rate of habitat loss has hit a very low level in recent years.

A collection of plates created using the copperplate transfer method of seal-impression. These plates are not only filled with joy and stories but also encourage lively conversations whenever they grace your dining table. They serve as conversation starters, making every meal an experience to remember. 

Moreover, these ceramic plates aren't confined to the dining table. Placing one on your desk transforms it into a handy organizer for small items and accessories. Whether you use it to neatly store your favorite clips, stamps, or even small dishes and desserts, this lovely ceramic dish is sure to bring a spontaneous smile to your face every time you glance at it.

Kata Kata, a husband-and-wife team "kata kata," known for their traditional dyeing techniques, exude a nostalgic charm. They creates original textile products by using katazome and chosen print techniques. Their inspirations come from everyday life, such as animals, insects, plants sceneries etc. The designed enjoy adding their own stories to each piece they create. The designer hope to provide people with fun and warm conversations over their works and spark imaginations.


Size: Approx. 11×8×1.5cm

Designed by Classiky x kata kata

Material: Porcelain 

Made in Japan