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Classiky x Drop Around Noshiru Sticker Set


In Japanese culture, noshi is a decorative element attached to gifts. It can be attached to gifts for weddings, for births, and for other congratulatory events such as graduation or promotion as a token of good luck.

The contemporary designs by Drop Around revisit the traditional noshi with a playful and modern twist. The new motifs would make your outgoing mail or gift extra special, inviting the recipient to tickle his or her imagination. Perfect finishing touch for your outgoing mail or gift as decorative accents.

Each noshi seal is printed with foil stamping and letterpress printing.


Set 03 - A fun arrangement of motif with only letters. The string of the balloon looks like the character of "noshi"

Set 04 - The butterfly and rabbit motifs are lovely and perfect for early spring celebrations and New Year's gifts.

Set 05 - Three congratulatory motifs - plums, pine trees, origami cranes. Also perfect for casual celebrations.

Set 06 - Motif of cutlery when sending food or invitation to a meal. You can attach the silver ribbon to a small gift.



(Set 03) Knot Noshi / 0.9 × 3.6cm; Balloon Noshi / 1.5 × 6.3cm

(Set 04) Rabbit / 2.5 × 1.5cm; Butterfly / 2.3 × 1.7cm

(Set 05) Plum / 1.9 × 1.9cm; Crane / 3 × 2.1cm

(Set 06) Ribbon / 2.2 × 1.6cm; Cutlery /1.7 × 2.5cm

Designed by Classiky

Made in Japan