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Classiky x Drop Around Lid/Slide Box (S/M/L)


Just an ordinary paper box, where you can store screws, bolts, and other small items. It's a nameless paper box where things are casually kept. Although you often see them in the corners of the city, when you actually need one, you can't find a place that sells 'just' paper boxes. You want a paper box that's plain in colour and material, a perfectly standard and unremarkable paper box.

It's ordinary, and it looks its best when stacked up. As you use it, it develops a nice character. You can use it to neatly store everyday items or as a foundation for gifts and packaging.

A sticky label comes with each paper box.  

Available in 2 patterns, 3 sizes.


Content: 1 box + 1 sticky label


Small (S)
Slide box: w10.5× d2.8 × h6.5cm
Lid box: w10.5 × d6.5× h2.8cm

Medium (M)
Slide box: w14× d2.8 × h10cm
Lid box: w14× d10 × h2.8cm

Large (L)
Slide box: w16.5× d2.8 × h11cm
Lid box: w16.5× d11 × h2.8cm

Designed by Classiky x Drop Around

Made in Japan