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Classiky x Mihoko Seki Stencil Dyeing Paper Seals - Doll


Interesting, unique seals designed by Kyoto-based stencil artist, Mihoko Seki for an exhibition in Spring. The theme of the exhibition was “Naked” and the artist expressed it with new born baby.

Each sheet consists of delicate seals which would definitely create a rustic atmosphere to your pages with the intense coloured print in the paper seals. Cut out your desired seal and paste it on your pages, outgoings, art projects or any occasion.

Each sheet is made with Japanese paper and printed with Japanese katazome stencil dyeing technique. This technique requires considerable time and craftmanship.


About Katazome Stencil Dyeing 

It is a very laborious stencil printing technique for fabric and paper. It relies on natural materials such as paper, rice paste and soy milk.

To create a katazome print, the design has to be cut into a piece of hand-made paper to create stencil. To create a complete print, more than one stencils might needed to combine them together in a different orders. 

Then rice paste is applied on the paper through the open areas of the hand-cut stencil and the ink is painted through the open areas directly. Before applying another layer, the first layer need to be completely dried up. Any layers applied after the one before would not go through as the rice paste creates resists.



Content: 1 sheet per design, 2 sheets per set (total 2 designs)

Sheet Size: 10x14cm (sticker sheet), 17.5x23cm (packaging)

Designed by Classiky

Made in Japan