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Classiky First-Aid Box (L)


An exquisitely designed wooden toolbox with a removable tray, handcrafted with precision in Japan. This beautiful toolbox features remarkable details, including ornamental hinges, a sturdy metal handle on the top, and a built-in caddy in the lid for additional storage.

Originally designed as a first-aid toolbox, its versatility extends beyond medical supplies. This Classiky creation is ideal for organising your rubber stamp collection, washi tapes, and various art materials. When placed on your desk, its simple yet vintage design seamlessly blends into your workspace's aesthetic, becoming an integral part of your desk's scenery.

Conveniently equipped with a top handle and a robust hinged lid, this wooden box can accompany you to stationery gatherings and other events. It's a versatile and elegant solution for keeping your essentials in order.


Size: 32.6 × 21 × 16cm

Material: tsuga wood (Southern Japanese Hemlock)

Designed by Classiky

Made in Japan

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