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Dan Wei Industry

Cement Rubber Stamp - Handle With Care Series

RM35.00 RM40.00

Unique rubber stamp with its handle entirely made of cement designed by Taiwan designer, Dan Wei Industry. We adore the weird yet unique illustrations of these cement stamps, and the way their handle are made. These designs will definately add some unique details to your snail mail or on your journal page.

The painted holder comes in various colours. By placing them on your desk, they will brighten up your mood while using it.

Ensure efficient communication and provide clear instructions with the use of these unique cement rubber stamps by Dan Wei Industry, featuring 6 different instructions on outgoings.

Available in set of 6 (smaller size); or 6 individual normal sizes Handle With Care instructions with Chinese characters below the label.

Please kindly take note that because human is not machine, these cement rubber stamps may feature inconsistencies or slight flaws or cracks. We promise we will do our best to pack the item well.

Content: (Set) 6pcs; (Normal Size) 1pcs

Material: Cement

Size: (Set) Approximately 2.3x2.3cm; (Normal Size) 3x3cm

Designed by Dan Wei Industry 東維工業