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Bugu Studio

Bugu Design Studio - Lottery Poetry Rubber Stamp


Every new year, we set new goals and there are new things that we want to try. At the same time there are also things that we carry on and on every year because of the meaning and passionate behind them. Whether to let go or carry on, everything has its own purpose.

There are times where we share or repost some faith-related posts on social media, hoping to gain some luck from sharing these posts. Or, some of us might go for lottery poetry (also known as Kau Chim, Chinese Fortune Sticks or divination sticks), looking forward to receive answers or guidance for our unknown future. 

The outlook of these rubber stamps are thoughtfully designed like fortune sticks. Each of the stamp starts with the work “”, which means “appropriate or suitable for” and this word often found in Chinese traditional calendar, following by a daily or journaling activities.

Everything is fine; Suitable for everything.

(Daily activities)


Everything about journaling & crafting is fine.
(Journal/Crafting activities)

Available in two different sets (themes) which designed for different occasions: daily life and journaling or crafting activities. 24 designs (rubber stamps) per set; could be purchased individually but design will be given randomly, just like how the fortune stick practice works ;)

We hope this interesting creation will spark your days and enjoy using and integrating these “fortune sticks” with your journal entries. They might be a hints of good luck or an interesting and joyful guidance in your daily life ;)


About Lottery Poetry (or Fortune Sticks)

The fortune sticks (Kao Chim or Kao Cim; 求籤 or 求签) work as a fortune-telling tool in the temples, often used to calm people who were burdened or for those who were looking for answers and advice for their worries. The sticks are stored in a bamboo bucket. Each stick is assigned with a number assigned and an associated fortune. The bucket is shaken by the believer while asking a question. One stick will leave the bucket and drop onto the floor and it will correspond an answer which might need to be read and interpreted by temple priest.



(rubber stamp) approx. 2 x 0.8 cm

(case holder) ⌀ cm; height cm

Designed by Bugu Studio