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Bon Bon Stickers

Bonnie Illustration - Stationery Rubber Stamp


These lovely wooden rubber stamps feature vintage illustration of stationeries. The set is designed by Bonnie Illustration, and it is great for adding charms to your journal, cards, or any artworks, which greatly enhancing the user's experience.

These rubber stamps could be considered as DIY rubber stamps, as you would need to paste the rubber to the wooden holder yourself. You could also try to cut/remove the extravagant part (the white background area) and leave with the pattern only before pasting it onto the wooden holder.

From ink bottle, self-inking rubber stamp to fountain pen nip, you could find your favourite stationery feature on these wooden rubber stamp blocks.

The set comes a set of 9 stationery rubber stamps are packaged in a handy decorative storage tin. 



Pen Nip - 1 x 5cm
Ink Bottle - 3 x 3cm
Pencil - 2 x 5.5cm
Brush - 2 x 4.5cm
Wooden Clip - 2 x 3cm
Bulldog Clip - 2 x 3cm
Clothes Pin - 2 x 3cm
Vintage Self-Inking Numbering Stamp - 2 x 4.5cm
Scissors - 2 x 4.5cm

Designed by Bonnie Illustration (Bon Bon Stickers)

Made in Taiwan


There is a slightly difference compared with first batch stocks as first batch rubber stamps are handmade. The difference would be the size of the outcome and the wooden handles.