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SOM Studio

Bloom in Winter Rubber Stamps


How will our gardens look like in 2021? Will the weather be perfect and our gardens in bloom? 

These wooden rubber stamps are collaboration works by Sumthings of Mine and Malaysia artist, Humana. Featuring fun wacky, idiosyncratic illustrations by Humana, each design is telling a story -- a dream, a hope that most of us are looking forward to. 

They would be great for adding great touches on your pages or outgoings, along with your other stamp collection, stickers or handwriting notes.

Days might off the card for now, but we will all bloom again in 2021, a new coming year.



About Humana

Humana is unique character, a fun wacky creation by Vanissa, a Malaysia-based graphic designer and illustrator serving to tell the stories she wants to share with others, and at the same time bring joy to others. The creations of Humana's idiosyncratic illustration and visual style are driven by what Vanissa always did, what she appreciated and what she wanted to do. The designer always takes the process seriously and at the same time not too seriously as she want to enjoy the process and radiate joy within it.



Wooden Handle Size: 3.5 x 2.3cm

Designed by SOM Studio x Humana 

Made in Malaysia