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Sparking Moment

Blessing and Frame Rubber Stamp Set


Spring couplets with blessing and best wishes.

A short Chinese couplet can include one or two characters while a longer couplet can reach several hundred characters. Some couplets express best wishes. 

吉 福 暖 润 和 豐

Luck / Blessing / Warm / Opulence / Harmony / Abundant

Good luck (吉) and happiness to you!

Abundant (豐) blessings (福)

Warm (暖) and sincere greetings and best wishes to you

May your home be filled with riches and opulence (润)

Harmony (和) can also mean “and,” “with,” and “together”

Red is a very lucky colour for the Chinese, it frightens the New Year monster 'Nian' who arrives at this time of year and destroys crops and homes. With black or golden characters written on red paper, these couplets express wishes for a better life.


It could be a blessing for yourself or your love ones, great for adding lovely touches and creative accents to your journal pages, outgoing mail/parcel, art projects, scrapbooks, gift cards or any other occasion. The possibilities are endless. You could also pair it with other tapes, stickers, glitters or paper embellishments for enhanced appeal. We hope these unique creations will add some sparks in your everyday life and enjoy using them for collecting your sparking moments.

You can always use each stamp individually or combine the character stamp with the frame stamp to create your own mini couplets.


Content: 7 rubber stamps per set

Size: blessing word (20x20x18mm); small frame (25x25x18mm)

Designed by Sparking Moment