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bighands Rubber Stamp Collection - Someday


birds flew over my head,
clouds above the roof,
stars shining brightly,

full of love.

- __bighands

One day, a flock of birds flew over the rooftop, and the phrase "有一天 (someday)" popped into the designer's mind. That's how the{someday 有一天}series came to life.

What's on your rooftop today?

Inspired by this fleeting moment, bighands aimed to convey a sense of anticipation and exploration through this series. These enchanting rubber stamps feature lovely motifs like houses, birds, stars, clouds and hearts. 

Whether you're crafting, journaling, or creating heartfelt greetings, these stamps will add a dash of cuteness and joy to your work. Let your creativity soar with bighands' adorable designs and create magical moments on every page.




House 1,4,5 (3x1.5x2cm);

House 2,4 (2x2.5x2cm);

Stars (4x2x2cm);

Clouds (4x1.5x2cm);

Heart, Bird1,2 (2x2x2cm)

Designed by bighands

Made in Malaysia