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SOM Studio

Awaiting for Spring Rubber Stamp - Girl on mask


For you who are looking forward to Spring.

Lately, most of us are riding on a roller coaster. 

We are/were touched, by those who are/were brave, by those who are/were ordinary.

We are/were filled with hopes, at the same time, we are/were beaten by uncertainty.

Some of us at the frontline, some of us make entertaining videos, some of us read, organise and share scientific facts or news, some of us participate in donations, some of us pray, some of us play our role #stayathome, some of us wait.

There is one thing that is same for all of us --- We're looking forward, to the normal ordinary days. 

A little creation by us feature a girl with mask to remember this moment. You could also use it to express your daily activity, emotions or any feeling to suit your needs. 



Size: Approx. 2 x 1.5cm

Designed by SOM Studio x msbulat

Made in Malaysia