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Awagami Factory

Awagami Editioning Paper Pack


While exploring the possibilities of using Japanese washi paper as an art materials, Awagami has developed “Awagami Editioning Paper” series with the expectation that it will be used in a wider range.

In addition to the main ingredients of traditional Japanese paper, non-wood fiber such as bamboo and cotton are also used, the rich expression yield sheets of expressive surface and impressive character. These papers are achieved with 4 deckled edges (feathered edges) which is another charm unique to Japanese papers. Considered the quality and storage stability of the papers, they are finished in neutral (acid free). They could be used for a wide variety of techniques from ink to printmaking and drawing.

Originally developed for fine art printmaking and drawing, they are used for writing, scrapbooking, collage, photography and many more. Please do use them they way you want to as the possibilities are limitless!


Crafting traditional papers for contemporary life

Awagami Factory

Located in the heart of Tokushima, Japan, Awagami Factory has been producing high quality papers since the 18th century. Awagami has a very long knowledge that has been passed throughout the different generations, which allows them to focus on the high quality of the unique washi paper that they provide to the different markets, and integrate washi paper into contemporary society and is known as a modern-day facilitator of washi culture.

Washi Paper & the Environment

Awagami washi paper is an "Intangible Cultural Property" of Tokushima, Japan.

Since antiquity, Japanese washi has been made from renewable plant resources that grow to maturity in 1-2 years. When compared to wood-based papers (that take dozens of years to mature and require many chemicals), washi is created with significantly less harm to our environment in a clean and eco-friendly manner.



Content: 20 sheets (2x 10 different types of papers from Awagami Editioning Papers)

Kitakata / Kitakata Green / Kitakata Select / Shiramine Select / Kozo Natural Select / Okawara Select / Hakuho Select / Bunkoshi Select / Bamboo Select / Hosho Select

*One sheet of the two has marked with a small label with the name of the papers for each type.

Size: 21x26cm

Made in Japan, by Awagami Factory