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Ajassi Tote Bag


Standing out from the usual cute animals or characters, Ajassi & his family have caught our eyes with their one-of-a-kind look and adorable behaviour.

Ajassi cotton tote bag is designed to be light and portable, this tote bag ideal for storing and organising your favourite stationery, digital devices and other items or use as your shopping bag.

With adorable illustrations of Ajassi and his family, we believe that you would bath in happiness when using this lovely tote bag.



AJASSI sound similar with AJUSSI in Korean, which means middle-age man. Ajassi is a fun & adorable character designed by a Korean designer, Yoonmi. The designer hope to cheer up and comfort people who feel neglected and lonely through this character "Ajassi". Please looking forward for the ordinary (yet unordinary) life of the middle-age man!



Size: 23x26cm; (handle) 16cm

Material: Cotton

Designed by Ajassi 아자씨

Made in Korea