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Ajassi Rubber Stamp - Stationery Series (discon.)


Available in stock, discontinued design & version

Each stationery on your desk has its own uniqueness and colours.

The manuscript rubber stamp features a simple design of a blank manuscript, which you would use it to record the dates, weather of the day, or to write your important note and messages.

Use it on blank pages of your notebook so that it will become a journal entry for the day! You could also use them on your next outgoing mails or gift to delight the receiver, whatever lies inside, it has been given with the greatest of thought, care and attention from you.

AJASSI sound similar with AJUSSI in korean, which means middle-age man. Ajassi is a fun & adorable character designed by a Korean designer, Yoonmi. The designer hope to cheer up and comfort poeple who feel neglected and lonely through this character "Ajassi". Please looking forward for the ordinary (yet unordinary) life of the middle-age man!


Size: 52x11mm

Designed by Ajassi 아자씨

Made in Korea