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AIUEO LAMPER Collection - Book Cover

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There are various kinds of people in this world.

AIUEO introduces a new collection line of fabric accessories, LAMPER. It is a line of fashionable fabric accessories with gusset embroidered. The patterns focus on simple yet unique characters named with "...ER" (i.e. ridER, supportER...) at the end.

LAMPER accessories are designed to be light and portable, making it a good choice for traveler. You could bring it along your journey along your trip or when heading to a cafe. This book cover is thick and durable as it is made of 100% cotton. It could fit a notebook with thickness of 10~30mm. For MD Notebook, it could store MD Notebook of A6.

The inner of the case is printed with cute checkered patterns and comes with a convenient bookmark ♪

And do not worry about it is getting dirty on the inside. The lining and durable vinyl material will help to keep your fabric clean from those ink stains. 



Each character deigned has his/her own message.



Size: (Close) 170mm x 115mm; (Open) 170mm x 300mm

Material: (Outer) 100% Cotton, Stain-proof lining; (Inner) 100% Cotton, PVC

Designed by AIUEO

Made in Japan