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Aderia Retro Glass with Stand


These retro glass cups are designed to recreate the Aderia's glassware during Showa Era, a Japanese's tableware that use on every dining table. These glasses are produced by the Ishisuka Glass Factory that is widely-known since 1918. Ishisuka Glass Factory has been known as hight-quality assurance and long-term lasting.

The design concept of these glasses is the cute flowers and animal patterns printed on glasses. These symbolic drawings creates the nostalgia and warm charm in today lifestyle. It holds the retro simple designs that you can use in these modern living lifestyle.

Besides using them as drinking cup, placing them on your table is great for organising and storing your stationery and/or accessories. By looking at the adorable glasses, they make people smile unintentionally! 

Perfect gift for your loves one or any other occasion.


about Aderia 

Ishizuka Glass Co Ltd, founded in 1819 in Gifu, is headquartered in Aichi, Japan. Ishizuka manufactures glass bottles and tableware under the brand name "Aderia".

By combining traditional craftsmanship and modern glass making methods, Aderia developed their first mass glass bottles in 1961. Since then, Aderia has expanded into a myriad of glassware collections including dinnerware, drinkware, sakeware, and cookware along with over 100 hues of their original glass colors. Today, Adeirahas established themselves as a #1 glass manufacturer in Japan whose products are cherished by people all over the globe for its ever-evolving design and uncompromising quality.



Size: Approx. 

⌀72xH133mm; 335ml

Designed by Aderia 

Material: Glass

Made in Japan