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Ribbon Works

60 Scents Stickers


Scent notes are elements of describing a perfume. Similar to how musical notes made a song, scent notes are the individual elements or ingredients that, when combined, form the perfume. 

These 2.5x2.5cm stickers featured 60 types of ingredients that often used to produce fragrance. The size is specially designed to fit the monthly schedules well, great for marking the days in a minimal way especially when you are overwhelmed with busy schedules. 

According to Proust Effect by Marcel Proust, scents can remind you of the feelings experienced in that particular moment. We hope these unique creations by Ribbon Works would bring you back in time with a scent or adorn your daily life.



Content: 61 patterns

Size: (each sticker) 2.5 x 2.5 cm

Material: PET

Designed by Ribbon Works