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36 Sublo

36 Sublo Pastry Shop Rubber Stamps


If 36 Sublo is a pastry shop, a pure coffee shop, or a Japanese confectionery shop... Unique retro style illustrations of various types of pastry or sweet have became rubber stamps.

Are you seeking for a way to express your favourite food? Besides using for commemorating a meal you have taken, these lovely food theme rubber stamps are great for adding a touch of charm to your written correspondence, outgoing mails or gift packaging. You could also pair them with other rubber stamps or with any fun stickers, glitter or paper embellishments for enhanced appeal.




Soft serve; Ice-cream soda - 20×37mm

Hotcake; Strawberry shortcake - 25x25mm

Cookies, Castella, Mitarashi Dango, Dorayaki - 22x22mm

Designed by 36 Sublo

Made in Japan