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Uni-ball One P Gel Pen


The concept of the "uni-ball one P" is to provide a premium feel in your hand. It features a rounded and adorable form, and the writing experience is also of high quality. 

The "P" in the product name is derived from the initial letter of "Pocket," symbolising the luxurious feel that fits in your hand and makes you want to carry it with you everywhere. The short, thick, and rounded shape with a soft matte colour brings a delightful appearance that brings comfort to your daily life. Additionally, it is designed to be the perfect size and weight that fits in the palm of your hand, and the pen tip is equipped with a metal stabiliser mechanism inherited from the "uni-ball one" series, emphasising the premium writing experience.

■ Cute and compact design with a rounded and adorable form

■ Upholding the high-quality world of the "uni-ball one" series with a comfortable writing experience

■ Soft and sweet candy-inspired core colours 

Eight colours for the core lineup of the "uni-ball one P" that are inspired by softly sweet candies. The matte colouring of these colours perfectly matches the charming and endearing world of the petite "uni-ball one P" and brings a sense of comfort just by having them in your possession.

0.38mm : Peach Milk / Coffee / Mandarin Orange / Soda
0.5mm: Banana / Yogurt / Grape


Tip Size: 0.38mm; 0.5mm

Manufactured by Uni