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som x pc Rubber Stamp: Reminder for Celebrating Everyday Moments


We believe that every moment, regardless of its size, deserves to be celebrated and recorded, even those seemingly insignificant ones. These rubber stamps have been meticulously crafted to embody the theme of our journaling and stationery pop-up market: Celebrate Every Moment. Each designer has handpicked a moment that holds personal significance to them, to us, and most importantly, to you.


Reminder for Celebrating Everyday Moments

—— by som x pc

We knew each other 6 year ago, driven by our shared passion for journaling. Over the years, we have had the privilege of working together on various stamp collections, each reflecting a unique chapter of our lives.

Memories are the fragments of experiences, emotions, and relationships that we cherish and hold onto. When we delve into memories, it feels like embarking on a journey through the pages of our journals, where holding countless seemingly insignificant moments that shape of our lives. Such is the enchantment of journaling, where the ordinary transforms into something truly extraordinary.

In line with the theme of celebrating every moment, each stamp serve as reminder to celebrate and capture the moments, that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. Pause, reflect, and savour the beauty that unfolds in each passing day.

1. Another beautiful day

A reminder to appreciate and celebrate the beauty of today and each new day.

2. Moment of truth

A reminder to value and appreciate the experiences and emotions that accompany with the moments we made decision or took actions.


3. 如是。

So it is, and let it be. Embracing the present moment and allowing life to unfold naturally.


4. 忙着生活,忙着快乐

Running in the hustle and bustle of everyday life while at the same time seeking happiness amidst the chaos. The moments of busyness, fulfilment, and the balance between work and joy.


5. Fall in love, stay there

A reminder to find joy in the things we love and hold dear, just as we do when we fall in love with stationery or any other passion that brings us delight. It is the desire for lasting contentment amidst the distractions and fluctuations of everyday life.




6. Everyday is a gift

A reminder to find gratitude in the present moment and appreciate the small joys in our daily lives.


Wood Size: 

(Another beautiful day / Moment of truth / Fall in love, stay there) 4.5x2cm;
(Everyday is a gift) 6x1.2cm;
(忙着生活,忙着快乐) 3.8x1.2cm;

(如是。) 3x2.2cm

Designed by SOM Studiopooi chin

Made in Malaysia