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Seal Script Acrylic Rubber Stamp - 開運 (good luck)


 開運/开运 (kāi yùn) —— Unveiling Better Luck or Good Fortune.

Embrace the energies of good luck with our 開運 rubber stamp. Crafted for those seeking auspicious vibes and positive energies, this collection infuses the ancient art of Chinese seal script with contemporary design.


Chinese seals, or hankos, are not just imprints but intricate expressions of identity and culture. Beyond names, they encapsulate personal philosophies, literary inclinations, favourite poetic phrases, or unique motifs. Traditionally crafted from stones, wood, metal, or bamboo, seal carving demands mastery in calligraphy and engraving.

A Fusion of Tradition and Contemporary Design

Our seal script rubber stamp collection draws inspiration from the elegance of traditional seals. Fusing seal scripts with contemporary design, each stamp features Chinese characters, invoking both tradition and modernity. The use of an acrylic block as a handle ensures a sharp image from any angle, adding a captivating flair to your workspace.

Elevate Your Creativity with Seal Script

Invoke good luck in your journals, creative endeavors, or personalised projects. Each stamp showcases Chinese characters in the artful form of seal script. Great for adorning and adding personalised touch to your journal pages, outgoings, creative projects or any purpose that suit your needs.

Add a touch of tradition and positivity to your creations with our meticulously crafted seal script rubber stamps. May each impression be a brushstroke of prosperity and joy.


Size: (handle) 1.0x2.0x4.0cm; (seal design) 0.5x1.0cm

Designed & Produced by som studio

Made in Malaysia