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SOM Studio

Minimalist Date/Number Washi Sticker


A delightful and versatile addition to your planning and creativity decoration. These stickers feature a minimalist design that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. 

Monthly Archival 

Featuring a 12-month calendar for 2024, thoughtfully designed for aesthetic appeal and functional use. These stickers can be cut and separated, allowing you to continue enjoying them well beyond the year 2024.

Weekly Archival (Days of the Week: Mon - Sun)

Organise your schedule effortlessly with stickers representing each day of the week – Monday to Sunday. These stickers add a chic touch to your schedule, providing a visually appealing way to mark important days.

Daily Archival (01/01 - 31/12)

For a comprehensive approach to date marking, our set includes 366 day stickers. From 01/01 to 31/12, these stickers offer endless possibilities for marking dates, events, or even the passing of each day. The three sheets provide ample flexibility for various planning needs.

 01 - 31 

The set includes two sheets. Unleash your creativity with our date stickers. Featuring numbers 01 to 31, these stickers come in two convenient sheets — 01 to 15 on one and 16 to 31 on the other. Ideal for date marking or any purpose that requires chronological distinction.


Sticker Sheet Size: approx. A6

Material: washi paper

Designed by som studio

Made in Malaysia