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Yoko Inoue Five Elements Washi Tape - Sample Pack (18mm)


A perfect and affordable way to see and feel these captivating washi tapes in person. 

Unsure of the patterns, textures or colours of these beautiful tapes? Not sure what the tapes really look like or which to choose? This sample pack provides a selection of the washi tapes by  Yoko Inoue, two cycle or loop for each design

Created through the meticulous process of painting, cutting, tearing, and layering recycled paper, Yoko Inoue's collage artworks beautifully capture the allure of various elements seamlessly converging into a unified expression. As you adorn your crafts or pages with this washi tape, experience the enchanting world of collage art and allow your creativity to soar.

Drawing inspiration from the five elements of nature, the washi tapes from this collection reflect the timeless system of classification that has guided our understanding of the natural world for centuries. Each element carries its own unique qualities, and the artist has infused them into these tapes to create something truly special.

Whether you're seeking the stability and reliability of earth, the intuitive and fluid nature of water, the transformative power of fire, the freedom and communication of air, or the openness and potentiality of space, the versatile designs  of these tapes complement any style. Use them to elevate your creative projects, journaling, and more.

The beauty lies in the possibilities. As you experiment with different cuts and placements, you'll be delighted by the unexpected results that unfold before your eyes. It's a testament to the endless creativity that can emerge from these intricately designed tapes.

 For full roll: Earth | Fire | Space | Water | Wind

about Yoko Inoue

Yoko Inoue is a renowned Japanese illustrator, book and magazine designer, as well as a skilled collage artist. Born in Shiga Prefecture, Yoko graduated from the Western Painting Department of Kyoto University of Art and Design. She regularly holds solo exhibitions and conducts workshops. Yoko has also established her own brand called "CRAFT Log," where she creates a variety of stationery items, including popular postcards, loved by enthusiasts of unique and artistic products. She has collaborated with Classiky in Japan to release washi tape featuring her designs.


Size: 18mm

Designed by Yoko Inoue

Made in Japan