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Yamazoe Letterpress

Yamazoe Letterpress Cheese Paper


Memo pad that resembles a block of cheese. The front label is beautifully embossed with letterpress printing, adding a tactile depth to its appearance. Inside the package, there are spare labels included for your convenience.

The paper inside is meticulously selected for writing. Just as you would enjoy pairing cheese with wine, this memo pad offers a delightful combination of paper and pen. Whether you’re jotting down daily memos or capturing sudden inspirations, these papers offers a luxurious and delightful writing experience that you’ll cherish.


Bank Paper (1960s, Japan)

Originally designed for bank ledgers, this paper pairs well with various pens. It is particularly recommended for fountain pens due to its resistance to ink bleed-through. The unique texture and watermark offer a nostalgic and premium writing experience.

B7 Tranext (2009, Japan)

A high-bulk paper often used in book publications and magazines. It offers excellent colour rendering and ink shading, making it ideal for use with glass pens and fountain pens.


Content: 100pcs+/-

Size: Approx. W80×D80×H12mm

Designed and Printed by Yamazoe Letterpress

Made in Japan