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somesortof.fern PET Tape - a little yellow, a little green


A little yellow, and a little green, 
little flowers blooming on the paper,

adorning cuteness to daily life.


This beautiful tape features delicate illustrations of exquisite marigold in vibrant yellow and green colours. The vivid illustration transporting you to a moment where the fragrant passion fruit scent fills the air, creating a truly immersive and delightful decorative choice.

Great for adding delicate touches to your journal pages, craft projects, letters, tags, invitations cards and anything else you could think of. Not only can you use this tape on its own, but you can also overlap the designs with wax seals and rubber stamps to add even more texture and colour to your projects. The possibilities are endless!

Each roll of tape comes with a backing paper/release liner that makes it easy to cut and keep each design.



Material: matte PET

Size: 2.5cmx10m

Designed by somesortof.fern

Made in Taiwan