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Koyomi Seikatsu 曆生活

Simple Daily Calendar 2024


This minimalist calendar design is a thing of a beauty. Its minimal design allows you to see the date from a distance. Each page features the minimum information such as month, date, day and moon phase of the day. The whole calendar only uses two colours, black and red. 

Each day is designed with a lot of free spaces, giving you the creative freedom to re-purpose each calendar sheet as the days pass by. Great for using as memo, adding touch of elegance and personality to your journal pages, outgoings, gift wrappings as well as your desk and wall.

This calendar is designed as a tear off calendar, which you could tear down each page day-by-day easily with the metal holder. It would be a great gift or just to hang in your home, kitchen or office. 



Schedule Periods:  Jan-Dec 2023 (1 Day 1 Page)

Designed by Koyomi Seikatsu 曆生活

Size: 114x80mm

Made in Japan