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Shachihata x Furukawashiko Rotating Decoration Stamp - Watashi Biyori (My Perfect Day)


A delightful collaboration between Furukawashiko and Shachihata, inspired by Furukawashiko's beloved series "Watashi Biyori (My Perfect Day)."

Simply rotate the dial to switch between different imprints, providing you with a diverse array of 13 designs in just one stamp. With a simple twist, you can choose from a variety of charming patterns to adorn your planner, journal, or letters.

Suitable for various applications, whether it’s personalising diaries, journals, or adding decorative touches to message cards for gifts, these designs are versatile and easy to use across different scenarios.

Shachihata is renowned for their fast-drying oil-based stamp pads, these stamps ensure crisp and clear impressions every time. Pair with the Shachihata Iromoyo Ink Pad, or colouring using Shachihata Iromoyo Brush Pen for creating vibrant possibilities.



Stamp Size: 4.5×32mm

Brand: Shachihata x Furukawashiko

Made in Japan