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Hatsu Midori

Hatsu Midori Paper Tape - Air Mail


Add a touch of whimsy to your mailings with this Air Mail paper tape. Whether you're sending a letter across the globe or adding a special touch to your crafting projects, this tape is sure to evoke a sense of adventure and wonder.

Let these adorable paper tape be your creative companions, adding a touch of whimsy to your everyday life.


Hatsu Midori 

Introducing Hatsu, a brilliant independent artist hailing from the sunny shores of Malaysia. Nestled in a charming home studio, Hatsu paints her world with brushes, coloured pencils, and a heart full of inspiration.

From a comforting cup of coffee or tea to the joy of games and journaling, Hatsu's creative process embodies the simple pleasures of life. Her artwork is a testament to the beauty of everyday moments, the magic of cuisines, the warmth of celebrations, the hues of nature, and the enchantment of the seasons, with a special love for Autumn.


Material: simili paper tape 

Size: 1.5cmx10m; 27cm per cycle

Designed by Hatsu Midori 

Made in Taiwan