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Classiky Geometric Book Cover - B6/A5


These Geometric Book Covers are part of the same series as the Geometric Bookmarks (A6/B6 Slim; B6/A5) and feature dynamic geometric designs. Books come in various sizes and thicknesses for their covers and spines, but these book covers are designed to accommodate those differences.

The material used for the covers is Tyvek, a lightweight, durable, and water-resistant (though not waterproof) non-woven fabric that is even used for protective suits. It's designed to develop a bit of texture with use, adding character over time.

Like the bookmarks, the covers feature quotes that are part of the designer Sitowo's creative philosophy. One is from Stéphane Mallarmé: "Tout dans le monde existe pour finir comme un livre" ("Everything in the world exists to end up as a book"), and the other is from which Sitowo derived the name of his own publishing company, "Saikoro": "UN COUP DE DES JAMAIS N’ABOLIRA LE HASARD" ("A roll of the dice will never abolish chance").

When you use these book covers together with the bookmarks, they create an intriguing connection in their designs. Purchasing them as a set is also recommended.

These book covers aren't just for books; they can also be used as notebook covers or planner covers. They're items that can be mixed and matched to coordinate with your daily mood or outfit. Using your favorite bookmark and book cover can make your reading time even more enjoyable. These items also make great little gifts. 

Available in two sizes: A6/B6 Slim and B6/A5.

Size: 44.8 x 29.8cm

Designed by Classiky 

Made in Japan