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icco nico

icco nico Calendar Washi Tapes


icco nico's signature calendar washi tapes can turn any notebook or a piece of plain paper into an organized calendar. It comes in 2 simple yet functional washi tapes: Dates (1-31) + Days of the week. 

Since the Dates and Days washi tapes could be arranged freely to form any monthly or weekly calendar as you like, you could use them like perpetual calendars for any days/date (by placing them side by side, OR as freely as you like).

Besides as a monthly/weekly calendar, planner or date marking, you could use them on your art projects, outgoing mails/parcels, expiring dates marking – the possibilities are endless! You could use the tapes separately depending on your purposes.

Available in 2 patterns (Vertical and Horizontal) & 2 languages (English and Japanese)

For marking/writing on the tape, oily-based pen/marker is recommended. Pilot Multiball, and Artline Marker also will do :)


Size: 7mm x 10m; Content: 2 rolls 

Designed by icco nico

Made in Japan