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Yamadoro Rubber Stamp - Embrace


"Every day is the most special day whether you are accompanied by someone or not. You are great today and you will be better tomorrow. Embrace everything you like, and then you will be gently held."



"You could draw anything such as small gift, a bouquet of flowers, a guitar or the one you love beside this stamp. Draw or stick anything you wish to embrace~" 



This beautiful wooden rubber stamp features original illustrations by Taiwanese illustrator, Yamadoro. It is great for adding a touch of elegance to your pages, outgoings, gift tags, greeting cards and many more occasions. 

You could also pair them imaginatively with other stickers, washi tapes, rubber stamps or your hand-written message/quotes for enhanced appeal. By applying different colour of ink pads, we believe that you are able to create a beautiful and alluring vibe on your pages and outgoings.


Size: 3x4cm

Designed by Yamadoro

Made in Taiwan