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Jieyanow Atelier

The Folk Collection Rubber Stamp Set


'The Folk Collection' by Malaysian designer, Jieyanow Atelier reinterprets folk art with contemporary sensibility.
Bonsai is a beautiful art of growing energy, a tree of harmony which symbolises love, intuition, calm and peace. This rich cultural symbolism brings abundance of luck.

The legendary crane is venerated as the prince of all feathered creatures embodying longevity for its fabled life span of a thousand years. The presence of crane is strongly associated with good fortune, happiness, harmony and longevity. After all, it is the bird of immortality.

These symbols are folk art's representation of auspicious growing ornament that express people's dreams and hopes. 

The limit is yours with endless possibilities. 


We love the beauty and gracefulness of each rubber stamps designed by jieyenow atelier. They are great for adding a delightful vision to your projects for many occasions.

Each stroke, each dots and each detail of these rubber stamps went through a lot of thoughts gradually to shape its character by the designer. If you would like to add a touch of elegance that inspire intricate detailing to your pages, outgoings, scrapbooks, and many more (which the possibilities are endless!), these rubber stamps would be perfect for you.

Every piece of rubber stamps is mounted by hand by the designer with care and attention to details.


Content:  3 rubber stamps/per set OR 2 rubber stamps/per set

Size: Bonsai (7.0 x 4.7cm); Cranes (3.5 x 2.3cm)

Designed by Jieyanow Atelier

Made in Malaysia