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Jieyanow Atelier

The Daily Notepad


"Have you ever reminisce the warmth of a printed newspaper off the press? Going through the pages every morning with a cup of coffee, flipping through with the crisp sound of its lightweight paper and the smell of it ." 

- Jieyanow.Atelier

We always adore beautiful papers with simple outlines yet elegant. This is a compact-size notepad which allow you to carry easily. They are great for the for taking notes at your desk or on the go, or to include the memo on your journal pages. The richness of colours and its simplistic would become an expressions of visual elegance.

The memo pads printed with 50-55gsm lightweight papers, available in Edition 01 & Edition 02. Each book consists of 20pcs x 3 designs paper.  


Material: Edition 01 (55 gsm lightweight papers); Edition 02 (50gsm lightweight papers)

Content: 60 sheets (3 designs x 20 sheets)

Size: 7.5x10.5cm

Designed by Jieyanow Atelier