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P.E.HO Design

P.E.HO Original Rubber Stamp Set - Vol.1 Ring


P.E.HO Design original wooden rubber stamps offer us a variety of stamps covered with three of our main daily activities, including reading, entertainment and sleeping. They would be great for visualising and keeping a record of our daily habits in our journal books, and at the same time great for adorning our pages.


These rubber stamps are inspired from the designer, Penny's daily life. 

[DISCONTINUED] Set A: Always Reading
This reading progression bar shows us how much we have read and how much more is left. This would encourages us to continue reading. We could also use the progression bar only for other daily activities or any other tasks.


Inspired by a friend who came over in that afternoon. The sunlight over her fingers when she was playing the piano, and the time passed slower accompanied by the melody played from the piano. 


Set C: Good Night Sleep Tracker
It would be a great personal sleep tracker that could track down all your missing sleep and bring it back. It would become a reminder for us to stick to a healthy sleeping schedule. This might actually help improve your sleep too!
Other: Short Phrases Words
There are a short phrases rubber stamps in each set. These stamps are inspired by Python (a multi-purpose programming language) and the designer has been learning about it since 2018.


In Python, >>> is a interpreter’s way of asking you, “What do you want me to do next?”, which means it’s something the computer tells you it’s ready for your instructions; If you end the line with a \, Python will continue the line of code into next line; ... could mean ellipsis or as a placeholder for not-yet-written code. 


We hope enjoy using this unique creations integrating with your daily life.


Content:  2 rubber stamps/per set

Size: (please kindly refer to images above)

Designed by P.E.HO Design