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misshoegg Rubber Stamp Set - Hometown


On the way back to my hometown I sang a song 

"There is a river in front of my house, and a mountain behind it. There are wildflowers on the mountain, the flowers in red look like fire. Inside the river, there are white swans playing and singing around."

Along the way I went back home, there are flowers, grass and tree that symbolise home. Birds flying across the clouds, and my yellow puppy shaking its tail and running happily.  

These wooden rubber stamp by misshoeegg features lovely illustrations of the designer's hometown. They would bring beautiful vignette to your pages, outgoings and any other occasions. You could pair them with washi tapes, rubber stamps, glitter, paper embellishments or even colour them with colour pencils for enhanced appeal.  


Size: (whole set) 60 x 70 x 23 mm

Designed by misshoegg

Made in Taiwan