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MD Pouch Diary 2021 (Slim) Insert/Refill


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This product is initially designed for Midori Pouch Diary Book (Slim) which is discontinued this year (for the year of 2021).

This diary book starts from October 2020, it is a 16 months worth diary. 

Memo space: For your to do list, reminder, notes of the month

Day columns: With a ruled line that divides the day into two, you can separate your notes for morning and afternoon or work and private.

Previous & next month calendar: Convenient for planning and looking back.

The schedule page features the line divided into two. You can set the columns freely for different purposes such as work and private, morning and afternoon or anyway which suit your needs. Great for schedule management.

Click here to view some of the inner pages!


Schedule Periods: 

October 2020 - January 2022


192 pages

Calendar; Yearly Plans Pages; Monthly Plans Pages; Weekly Pages + Memo Pages with Lines; Outgoing & Incoming Gifts Records Page; Healthy Planning Page; Contact Info Pages; Japan Railway Maps; Personal Memo...


Insert - MD Paper


H170 × W93 × D11 mm