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MD Notebook Diary 2021 - A5 Thin


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Compared to the usual MD Notebook Diary, the A5 Thin size version contains only monthly calendar and memo pages for a slimmer design.

Portability was emphasised for MD Notebook Diary A5 Thin, and even though it has been slimmed down, its functionality remains unchanged. It has adopted a 5mm grid for the memo pages which some people might find easier to use.

There are those who want multi-functionality and to fill every page with writing. On the other hand, there are those who want things narrowed down to just what is needed for speed and compact size. This expanded line-up meets both expectations.

To learn more about Midori Notebook Diary Book, click here for a blog entry introducing MD Notebook Diary.


Schedule Periods: 

December 2020 - January 2022 (14 months)


Year Calendar 2 pages; Monthly Schedule 28 pages; Free Memo Pages with 5mm grids 80 pages

Material: MD Paper

Size: A5 - H210×W148×D8mm