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MD Diary Calendar Sticker 2020

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It is the sticker version of the monthly calendars from “MD Notebook Diary”. The minimalist design for the twelve months. These calendar stickers also further utilises the special appeal of MD notebooks. You could also attach it to the thin MD Notebook Light for an easy-to-carry diary. There are no set rules, so customise it to suit your own style!

Midori Calendar features monthly schedules with margins and lots of free spaces around the page. Use this area to freely to record any texts, sketches or illustrations along with your monthly schedule. Its outline also provides us a very flexible outline. You could also decorate each month or each daily column with your washi tapes, stickers, rubber stamps, which could lead to unlimited creativity. 


Schedule Periods: 

January 2020 - December 2021 (12 months)


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