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Machinery Rotary Arts Calendar 2020

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Mechanical always seems like an insulator for literature and art.

In thinking beyond the realm of traditional concept and design, we are excited to share this Machinery Calendar 2020 with you. For the first time, the machinery calendar gives the arts a body and shape to its soul.

The stand of the calendar is made of metal and walnut wood, giving a very attractive and even timeless look. From the gears, screws, to the metal nameplate, each parts and details of the calendar show a fine quality of the machinery and craft.

This calendar shows a half-month calendar per page and it rotates by manually rotating of the handle at its right hand side. Each grid features a representative work by the artist. While spinning the grids, the whirring sound from the gears and rustling or flipping sound from grids make the calendar even more noteworthy.


There is a metal market with notch on the top of the calendar. Simply slide the metal marker slide-way to display every day stylishly, month after month.

Besides keeping you up-to-date on the, well, date, this functional piece would be an ideal decoration or design object that you could place on your desk. It would make a perfect gift for anyone who loves unique things and it makes a unique gift for people who are looking for something different. 

There are 3 designs for the calendar, each features a well-known artists:

Vincent van Gogh

Edward Hopper


Product Size: 156x152.5mm

Grid Size: 95x45mm per piece, total 27 pieces


Installation instruction:
1. Take out the grids without changing the arranged order.
2. When assemble the calendar, slightly bend the grid in order to fix the "notch" to the both ends of the grid.
3. Please kindly take not of the sequence of order. Place the second grid on the back of the first grid by inserting into the gear hole behind the the first one.